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The language, called Koro, was found within a tiny community of around 800 inhabitants of the Himalayan foothills—nestled in a region where 120 other dialects are already in use. The discovery of Koro is of enormous importance to linguists for reasons beyond its novelty. Koro sounds and is structured like no other language on earth, giving scientists an opportunity to interact with a population whose conception of the world is, because of the words they use, fundamentally different from the rest of us. Koro speakers “uniquely code knowledge of the natural world in ways that cannot be translated into a major language,” explains Dr. Gregory Anderson, one of the linguists behind the breakthrough

Kandinsky also thought that “painting should aspire to be as abstract as music.” His paintings began to be designated by their correlation to music in the form of impressions, improvisations and compositions and named according.

The Manna Machine

The Kabbalah, a body of Jewish traditional knowledge, was kept secret until the 13th Century AD, it s content was regarded from the magical-mystical point of view particularly so with respect to the Ancient of Days. This was considered to be a Jewish demi-god until in 1978 two English engineers, George Sassoon and Rodney Dale, concluded that the description of the Ancient of Days in the Zohar, one of the books of the Kabbalah, was not of an ominous god-figure, but rather a machine. A close investigation of the text convinced them that the machine produced the biblical manna which fed the Israelites during their forty-year wandering in the desert and was probably of extraterrestrial origin.

Othiq Yomin
The machine, called the Othiq Yomin in the Zohar, worked on the basis of the cultivation and processing of an algae-culture, probably one of the chlorella species, which was maintained by a supply of dew, or water, and of radiation from a nuclear-powered light-source.

Ark of the Covenant
The complete machine was regarded as a deity or demi-deity consisting of male and female parts. It was given to the Israelites at the beginning of their wandering in the wilderness, possibly by extraterrestrials and produced the manna which enabled them to survive. By all accounts, the machine was kept in the so-called Ark of the Covenant, which served as a transport container for the nuclear-powered machine, which was easily damaged under desert conditions. In the time of David and Solomon it found its place in the Holy of Holies in Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem, while before that it was kept in the Holy Tent, or Tabernacle.