This is all that there is, cake and loafers. LETS GET IT!!


Don’t worry, there is more than that. There is introspection from the 37th floor, there is doubt, and overconfidence too, there is televsion reruns, and air conditioned pools, and long distance lovers, and nieces and fine art openings, and there is india, there is always india, and there is global economic collapse, and there is swine flu, and there is neither of those things being too much of an issue, and there is the unified GCC money, and there is Iran, and Lebanon elections, and Oman — and Yemen, and there are youtube videos, and the NBA playoffs, and dinner out/lunches in or breakfasts out/dinners out/never going home. there are afterhour clubs in new york and six am’s on wednesdays mornings, there is mac and cheese — MAC&CHEESE!


there are broken down cars, russian beach parties, empty airplane rides, empty roads, empty malls, empty bank accounts, filled up bank accounts, there is the heat, the heat the heat. there is the end or the beginning or the infinite.



O-RE-PIYA ****************


1 — The way the universe stands still, the perfection of movement, the cosmic ballet that Ray Allen encapsulates coming off a pick and squaring up. 


2 — Vladimir Nabakov and his novel Lolita. His powerful sentences of lust, but more interesting is the inescapable lust the reader is subjected to — turning us into Humbertish perverts. 


3 — Anubis, the god of mummification and the afterlife. The guy who we must remain conscious with when he extracts our heart and places it on a scale with our feather. The way practicing our lucid dreaming techniques will prepare us for the afterlife, and through our consciousness in these seeping reams of time; our individual spirit can transcend the physical and find eternity somewhere in the cosmos, close to Ra.


4 — the cosmos as captured most recently by a big infrared telescope that only serves to magnify our own smallness and meaningless. the epicenter of the galaxy that is salted with infinite amounts of stars and peppered with the souls that fought through Anubis and all the rest and managed to manifest their souls — there near the middle, near the big bang, near the sub atomic weirdness of complete emptiness; near a timelessness that leased BMW’s, memorandums of understanding, letters of intent, incorporation in tax sheltered havens in the desert, and legal council cannot begin to understand.


5 — Yves Saint Laurent is dead. What he brought to the fashion game, how he revolutionized it for men and women. how he took a dinner jacket and made it the symbol of french sophistication. but what he did for women is all the more interesting, what is it that they say? Coco Channel gave the woman sexiness, YSL gave them power .. or something like that … there are some YSL jeans at the Mall of Emirates in Dubai that are really nice. We visit them like they are a Paul Klee exhibit in The Hauge. Sometimes we try them on, but it is less fun to get that involved n the entire process. 

6 — Khashoggi. who knows anything about this guy? super gangster number one. He was born in Mecca. he sells guns to everyone, and finances most terrorist groups in the world. He drinks lots of tea at that hotel in Monaco and is wanted by the law and the underworld alike. 

7 — Digi Snax. Bobby Digital is the best. He has been for ten years, remember ten years ago? when that first one came out and everyone was wearing red and blue mismatched shoes and making wierd computer noises with our mouths and telling anyone who wasn’t with it that they were analog derelicts. Well, ten years later the dumb deaf and blind are still rampant; but dragging our brothers out of the cave and showing them the beauty of the sun and grossness of the shadows; it is our duty. We, ourselves must be strong first though, our understanding of the cosmos should be clear in at least three respects.  What about Sunshine off The Eight Diagrams? RZA let loose on his love of ALLAH. We love that, because it is true: we have been misunderstood by those who met us/they had ears of corn and heads of lettuce.

8 — Third World Ferrari/The Peppermint Patty Lamborghini, the new concept album being cooked up in Dubai by some lovers of freedom. It is still in the works, but track two is titled “The Dealership,” and track five is called “Drag Race A Sheik,” and track six is called “Riyadh to Abu Dhabi, Bahrain to Bombay.” Going any further in depth would be against the NDA all parties involved have signed. 

Unfinished ….



The other night, as the ceiling fan hummed, the air conditioner did its best, we sat against the night and watch Dallas play the Hornets. Ball movement was sharp, Jason Kidd was up and down the court like he has been his whole career. Dirk stood outside and threw pump fakes drawing the defender off balance before fading away with a jump shot that looks as pure as one we have ever seen.


But there more people in the room, and the enjoyed it, but they could not see the cosmic sort of ballet at hand here, and so they changed the channel and we were watching Barcelona play Manchester.


As a fan of sport, and a reluctant understanding of the sort of importance footy plays in national and personal identities throughout the continent, I watched. But really, the NBA playoff’s are far superior.



Just this week, we were back in place we had been, still they were new enough, but to return to the swarm of south Bombay felt alright. Felt like there were things that are known on the continent, and that, after time, in their own way, things are manageable. We sat and sipped at our lime soda in the country club. It was Maharastra, It is always some kind of day in Bombay, the communists were excited about it being may day, but on the vast green lawn, the teenagers went about their cricket match, and we cheered when we thought it to be right. Cricket is a fine game, and lime water a fine drink, but this is neither here nor there.


It is important to return places. They change as much as we do.


A little after something came before that, it was the idea of summer. We need know idea, we can stick our heads in the oven. This is what the idea of summer is like.  

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