August 2009




DUNE  858


DUNE  857

We have sworn off baseball. Too much money, too many performance enhancement drugging, tickets are too expensive, and the players are all bitchy bitches.

We used to love baseball — spent every fall of the nineties in the bleachers at Yankee Stadium, or in the upper deck of Shea Stadium — some of the chants were “show us your tits” and some of the other chants had to do with the teams on the field. WE were at that game seven, when Endy Chavez made the catch, there had been a lot invested into those mets team, and when it was the bottom of the ninth, two outs and two men on, and our slugger Carlos Beltran was at bat, of course he had to get a hit, maybe it even should have been a homerun, but a double would have been good enough to bring in the runners and walk off the field heading to the world series. But that poor bastard went down looking. He didn’t even swing.  

There was a perfect game pitched the other day, the 18th perfect game in 136 years of baseball, which is too say these things do not happen often. This is a good catch by a guy who bat .210 over a decade long career. His glove is has been moved to the hall of fame.



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