December 2008



There are reams needed to accurately capture the evolved aesthetic of a place like Beirut. It would be worth all those words though, and there is the French and the Arabic and the English languages all mish-mashed — maybe the reams would have to be in French when speaking of the food and the cafes, maybe in arabic when speaking of the displacement and the stews of Abrahamic faiths, and maybe in English when it was meant to be read. 





Was passing on this stack of fabrics.

We must live with the choices we make.



A few thousand years ago, there was a star in the skies over these deserts. A few men knew that it was the changing of the zodiac house, moving from the house of Aquarius into the House of Pisces; these men could divine the star shining bright, or that star meant the Messiah had been born in a manger somewhere out there. But to begin with, it was just a star they were looking up at. 

So — Merry Christmas. There is no room at the inn. And, bright stars are most of the time important than being just a bright star.



They almost vanished without a trace — these memories, and even still we can’t be sure we were ever there.

Chowpatty Beach — Bombay, late 2007




Herodotus admits that he was obsessed with memory, fearful on its behalf. He felt memory is something defective, fragile, impermanent – illusory, even. That whatever it contains, whatever it is storing, can evaporate, simply vanish without a trace. His whole generation, everyone living on earth at that time, was possessed by that fear. Without memory one cannot live, for it is what elevates man above beasts, determines the contours of the human soul; and yet at the same time is so unreliable, elusive, treacherous. It is precisely what makes man so unsure of himself.


— Ryszard Kapuscinsky

This is vinkat. He is keeping it real in Chandighar making websites. He is also a rapper who is setting the Punjab on fire with his rhymes.



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