This is blog, which is short for weblog. This blog is about the inner struggle and the desire to grasp the hegemonic forces of 21st century capitalism. Ostensibly, it is also about India, because i am in India, and everyone talks about India as being ground zero for globalization. It could also be said that i am testing the truth of this statement, though in the end, i really won’t be a determinning factor in altering the hindu rate of growth (3.5% per year).

there will also be lots of hot fashion spotting and a few book reports as well.


6 Responses to “About”

  1. togram Says:

    I am very interested to know who you are and what you are doing with this site. There is nothing on the “about” page which would make this far more interesting to me. I am very interested in India and look forward to knowing more what this is about.

  2. Pam Flaherty Says:

    Hi James! Your Mom and Dad and Peter and I had a wonderful time in Paris. It was only three days for us but it was glorious. Lots and lots of walking around, talking, eating and watching. Lovely. Your time in India sounds like a really interesting adventure although I recgonize that looking for a job can’t be easy (although it’s never easy anywhere). David is trying to break into the business of designing websites and playing his music. Love you, Pam

  3. sebas argentina Says:

    you had a great soul men
    your my brother
    i think the same like you
    about the planet situation
    stay in touch
    peace for everybody

  4. Hi

    I wanted to thank you for having me on your blogroll, and also let you know that I have just shifted my blog, Eating Out in Delhi, to its own domain, I would be grateful if you updated your blogroll to reflect this. Thanks!

  5. you are mysterious and have good taste. i look forward to more insights on your life. if you are inclined to reply, please do šŸ™‚

  6. Ms Pintueli Gajjar Says:

    Hi there … have used yr pic of an Arabian Oryxz without yr permission on fb and just wanted you to know that have also mentioned you in the credit. IF you think otherwise, pls let me know – will remove it immediately! I found it one of the best pics! Thanks.

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