November 2009

Dinner, Soirees, Poets, erratic millionaires, painters, translations, lobsters, absinthe, music, promenades, oysters, sherry, aspirin, pictures, Saphhic heiresses, editors, books sailors. And How!

— Hart Crane



“We wanted to create a product that combines fashion with culture,” says Olivier Auroy, the managing director of GS Fitch in Dubai.


The burqa was widely used by women from the Gulf in nomadic times. Not to be confused with the head-to-toe cover worn by women in Afghanistan, it covers the nose and forehead and is made of a piece of fabric dyed with indigo.
“I had always been fascinated by the burqa, I wanted to create something for modern women in the Gulf that would reflect their culture.”

Bespoke Cashmere only knows a few things. But the most important is that these hills exist. And in the rolling hills we know about the shepherds with their goats and the raptors with their talons. We know about the tigers who are slinking around the bushes and the proud elephants of the valleys, we know about their scarred faces and essential pride. We know about the baba with his orange robes and his few possessions — the photograph of the woman, the photograph of the glaciers mouth, the chillum. Knowing these hills is sometimes the only thing that makes sense, and then we wait to return.


The works of the calligraphic master Ali Adjalli.


By any means necessary — Bespoke Cashmere Hearts Ron Artest



We are always uncertain about the future, and we always consume representations of it. We are always lured by the romance of the ancient past and by the exotic scale of the cosmos. When they combine, we are mesmerized.

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